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Hi, Martina here,

I want to talk to you more about what I did to clean up my diet in order to regain my health and rid myself of some very annoying physical situations and conditions and ailments. Okay, so the first thing I did to change my diet is testing out, getting rid of any and all dairy products like yogurts, cheese, cream, milk, butter, everything.  Even any kind of ingredients in other foods. Like, you know, if you buy some pretzels or something, they might have some kind of milk component in there or something.

So I was very careful to make sure I had zero dairy products in my diet and I substituted for it with other things like soy milk or rice dream or whatever, you know, to be able to get rid of that, but still have some kind of something that I can eat in the morning or, you know what I mean? So I’m not completely changing everything and end up starving and with cravings or something. Right, so you substitute.

So I did that. But even though I felt a lot better, having gotten rid of any and all dairy out of my life, I was just not yet there at one hundred percent. I still had that eczema that I had on my foot. It wasn’t as bad, but it was still there. And I still had some headaches, just not as bad. Everything was just not quite as bad. At least I didn’t have these bad stomach pains, you know, but I was still bloating and I was still being tired.

I just wasn’t there yet. So I was like, okay, what’s the next thing that is prevalent in my diet that’s known to be bad? Okay, sugar, I had to really look into the subject of sugar because I have been consuming sugar since babyhood in large quantities. You know, it may be the chocolate bars, the pastries, and later on when I tried to clean up my diet a bit, protein bars here, they’re supposed to be good for you.

Well, look, again, they are loaded with sugar. And, yes, sugar really is bad for you. And now I’m talking about processed sugar. That’s the sugar that’s bad for you. The one that’s processed. If you take the sugar from an apple straight from the tree and just eat the apple, that’s not bad for you or me. And that’s what the body is meant to digest and to process. And it’s made for that. However, the refining process changes the chemistry of the sugar in such a way that it causes various disruptions in the functioning of your organs.

So without getting into any kind of medical and biochemical details, you can just test it out for yourself. Okay, so I was like, I’m going to try and get rid of all the sugar because I had these crashes, you know, like you eat sugary stuff, you get a spike in energy. But an hour later, you crash down and you can barely stay awake or stuff like that. You know, I was like okay, I’m going to do this.

And I was not as energetic as I needed to be to be there for my family and to do my work, and I did this for my family because I, I was needed as a mom and I needed to be energetic as a mom and provide for my child what he needed. And sugar was not one of those things.  In fact, I started getting rid of sugar when I was nursing and because I was like, man, I really do not want to just pass on all this bad stuff to my kid.

So I was like, let’s get rid of it, any kind of pastries, the protein bars which are loaded with sugars. If you look at packaged foods like, let’s say hamburgers, preprepared hamburgers from Costco or something. Have a look and see. There might very well be sugar in them. It’s astounding the amount of products, food products that actually contain sugar. So I just got rid of all of it and instead bought myself very ripe, seasonable fruit.

Sweet fruits, because you can’t just keep taking away, you’ve got to put something else back in to substitute, you know, like how are you going to handle these cravings? Well, you know, for sweet things, the way I did it is I bought myself some very seasonal ripe fruits, great variety, large quantity. So when those cravings came, I would just run for those bananas or whatever that there was that was sweet and stuff myself with it and find ways that are creative, you know, like fruit salads.

One of my current favorites is taking organic sugar free bread. It’s called Ezekiel Bread. I don’t know if you have seen it or heard of it, but it’s the only bread so far that I could find in a store that doesn’t have sugar or dairy in it and that is organic and sprouted at the same time. And I take that and I just put some almond butter and some organic cacao powder. And I put ripe banana slices on top and I just heat it up for a little bit and it literally tastes like a banana cake.

But I add no sugar or dairy or anything else, and it’s all organic ingredients. And that was my cake substitute, you know, but it worked. So fruit salads, I make myself all kinds of fruit salads and two big bowls of fruit salads in a row, you know, just to quell those cravings for sweetness and sugar, which have been with me for thirty eight years.

No kidding. So that’s what I did and I substituted it and I just stuck with it and I had a purpose behind it, my biggest purpose was I wanted to have a healthy lifestyle for my child. I didn’t want him to get into these bad habits that I had for my entire life. I didn’t want him to have all those physical ailments and problems. So that’s what I hung on to, because, believe me, sugar is addictive as far as I’m concerned.

It is addictive. Once you kind of like are hooked and eat it every day, it’s like you can’t go through the day without like, oh my God, I need something. Let’s get the protein bar. But those protein bars really aren’t all that healthy. If you look at it, most of them are loaded with sugar, so. Anyhow, so that’s what I did, I substituted and I actually managed to get myself off sugar and dairy that way  after about two months.

I noticed  big changes.  One, I wasn’t really craving all that sweetness anymore.  I had more energy and I realized, oh my God, I haven’t had a headache for an entirety of two to three months. Still no major migraines. I used to get these major debilitating migraines every two weeks. And it was just devastating because you can’t move. You can’t work. You have a baby in the house.

How are you going to handle this? OK, so. I notice here I haven’t had these migraines and the eczema on my foot that I had never been able to get rid of and kept using cortisone cream, but it kept coming back. And worse, usually whenever I use cortisone cream, in my case, it kept coming back worse.  It was actually gone. So was my abdomen, my irritable bowel syndrome gone completely. And I was like, whoa.

So taking out the dairy, taking out the sugar and actually eating real foods, vegetables, fresh fruits, actually just buying the ingredients, making my own lunches and dinners and breakfasts and not just buying packaged things off the shelf or in the restaurant or something, you know, and knowing and really looking for the ingredients that I put into my meals. And I had my energy come back and got rid of these ailments and actually lost a lot of weight over the months as I went on.

I kid you not, it was amazing and I’m like, whoa, it works for me, you know, so I’ve been doing this for years now. I’ve been dairy free for years and sugar free for years. And, you know, the only thing I actually got a fish one time. I do eat fish, you know, and I was dumb enough not to look at the ingredients I got from the restaurant or something like where you pick it up on line and a little bit of my foot eczema came back.

I thought to myself, where did this all of a sudden come from? And I was tracing it back. And sure enough, they had stuck a bit of sugar in that fish when they cooked it. I’m like, are you kidding me? You know, so needless to say, that went away again very fast because I don’t otherwise have any sugar in my diet. But it just goes to show you, hey, man, wow.

You know, another thing that I noticed that changes once you actually clean up your diet, get rid of all these sugars and chemicals. That’s another thing. Of course, I did. Getting rid of making sure I didn’t have any preservatives and this kind of stuff in my food. Just try to get rid of packaged foods altogether and substitute with real fresh vegetables that you cook yourself meats if you’re going to eat meats. That’s a whole other subject. All I can say it’s different for each person.

But one thing I do want to say is go organic because you don’t want to have all these chemicals and hormones and antibiotics that get fed to the animal. They will go into the meat and you will eat them all. And there you go. Then it’s in your body and creating whatever havoc. Right. But back to the subject of sugar, which is what I’m talking about here. After several months of being sugar free, I noticed that my whole tastes had changed.

My sense of smell had changed. So whereas, you know, a donut would have been perhaps something desirable to me if I saw one or smelt one earlier, I went to see it and it could now smell the crap in it – the preservatives/chemicals that were being used. And I really do not feel any desire. I don’t need it.  I can go to a party and they might have, you know, like cakes there and pies and this and that.

And whereas in the past I would not have been able to walk past the stuff. That’s why I’m saying, guys, I’m like as far as I’m concerned, sugar is addictive, like a drug, OK? Like, I would have not been able to walk past these pastries and you go past a bakery and smell the nice smells, but it’s not a problem for me anymore. Like things that I used to eat ice cream, I have absolutely zero desire to eat ice cream and don’t even like it anymore, you know, and the pastries, they might even smell good.

You know, I’m like, OK, I don’t have to eat them, you know, like, I don’t have to have all these things anymore, you know? And I went to a Thanksgiving some years ago and they had all this stuff laid out. And I literally sat there and didn’t eat any of these things. And the other people there were like, why do you know how you can sit there and not eat the stuff? You know?

But yes. And I think if sugar is a problem for you in your diet. You’ll experience the same thing, I mean, for me, it was a big problem, and I encourage you to try it out and get rid of it substitute. That’s what you know, what you need to do, find some acceptable substitutes for yourself. For me, it was very sweet, seasonal fruit. It worked for me. And then I just kind of got creative with it.

It may seem hard and the beginning, especially if you’re used to the convenience of just grab something in the store and just eat it. You know, it’s like, oh my God. Now I have to add all this time. But you’ll notice as you start changing your lifestyle and start changing your routine with these foods, a, you get a whole lot faster, you get faster preparing it, cutting it up and whatever you need to do. And himan I mean, for me it’s like, OK, just cut out extra TV time and gain some more production time that way, you know.

So yes, I do spend some time during the day to prepare my meals, but I just combine it with other things, you know, listen to some audio books that will help me get more effective with my business or whatever, you know, so you just need to work out for yourself. One, do you really want to get rid of that trigger habit and improve your health? If yes, OK, well, how can you do it?

What can you use as substitutes? And you just really need to work it out and then pull through with persist with it. When you go to the store, have a list. Don’t go to the store hungry, good tip, you might have less temptations that way, so I can actually buy that list and just. Remind yourself, why are you doing this, why are you wanting to get rid of this sugar habit or the dairy, you know, whatever, and then whatever works for you, find some good things, some creative things?

Um, there is many, like, websites where you can find recipes. And this is and that’s like the one that I touched on in an earlier talk. Let me just see here its foundation, diet and health. That’s a good one. That’s the one that inspired me actually to clean up my diet and get healthy again. I worked on this website as a translator. That’s how I found it. So but there is many things that perhaps are more appealing to you.

So anyhow, I’m hoping that my story and my way of. Handling my diet is actually helping you, and that is why I’m doing this, because I go, hey, if it can help me and others that I have seen now actually who who cleaned up their diet and felt so much better, it can help you. So go ahead. Avail yourself of this information and good luck.