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So what do you do when homeschooling just isn’t working? There are several things to do which I’ll cover in this video today. I want to take up the first one, and that is you need to find out, does your child actually know and understand why it is important to do school? Do they know how schooling benefits them? Ask and find out. You may find they don’t have a clue. When I first started with my son, he was completely uninterested in doing school.

He was way more interested in playing with his toys or playing outside with his friends. And why do I have to do school and it’s so boring and etc.. So we went over it. Okay, well, the reason why you have to do school is because it will teach you and you will learn the things you need to be successful and do well in life and be able to do the things you want to do and achieve what you want to achieve right now and in the future.

And we have to take up this point quite extensively, in fact, more than once and be willing to do that. It may take more than just one explanation to really have the child understand, but it’s important they get this because if they don’t understand why they have to do school in the first place and they’re just going to robotically do it, like, okay, I have to do this because my parents are forcing me into this, and what benefit will they get out of it?

They will learn nothing. At best, they will be able to parrot back something for an examination and then immediately forget it and not apply anything in life. And then when the time comes and they need to actually work in a company or try to run their own business, they don’t have the skills that they need that it takes to be successful. So it’s important that your child or children really do understand, hey, I’m doing this for me.

Schooling is supposed to benefit me. I have to learn math because otherwise, as far a benefit right now. How am I going to be able to figure out, okay, I need this toy, I want this toy. It costs thirty dollars. How much more do I need to save up what I need to do to get the extra twenty dollars? Etc.. So yes, they need it right now and they surely need it in the future.

So you really need to make it clear to them and be sure they understand this. I had another boy, a friend’s mom was home schooling and he just was falling asleep every time they were doing school.  He fell asleep over his books, was completely disinterested already in grade three, not learning really, not getting the material of what he was supposed to study and just having a really hard time. So I was tutoring him to help his mom out and see what I could do to improve the situation.

And I asked him, OK, so do you even know what the purpose of schooling is? And sure enough, he was just, um. well, you just kind of supposed to do it. Everybody does it. Well, that certainly is not the reason why. And so I went over with him how this is actually beneficial for him and why he has to do schooling and how this will help him learn the tools he needs to be successful in life.

And we really had to take this up and go over it. And it made a huge difference. Can you imagine you’re being made to do something you don’t even know or understand why you’re just being told you must do this or else, but you don’t even get why it makes a big difference. And so that’s for your children or child in home schooling. So check and see that right there might just completely change the situation around.

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