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Martina from Greykoa here.  I would like to talk to you about nutrition and superfoods, because I feel the knowledge that I have gained over the last seven or so years can help you get more healthy in life and get more energetic. And perhaps you have experienced similar symptoms in situations that I have, and I can help you with that.

So I’d like to tell you a little bit about what happened to me and what I experienced and how I even got interested in this subject, because to be honest with you, for most of my life, prior to when I started researching this subject, I was eating very badly, pretty much like your average person, I guess maybe even a little bit worse, because I ate a lot of sugar containing foods, things like that.

So, yes, I ate some kind of pastry cookie or something every day, you know, and prepackaged meals. And I didn’t really take care to make sure it was organic or this or that, etc.  Unfortunately, what happened after doing this for a number of years, I started to go downhill physically. My health was declining rapidly. I got several illnesses, such as irritable bowel syndrome. I was in pain every single day. My abdomen was in pain every single day, just no matter what I seemed to do.

I had eczema on one of my feet at the bottom of one of my feet. It was itchy and very painful all at the same time. They just keep on swelling. I would put cortisone cream on it and it would go into remission for a few days maybe, and come right back, sometimes worse. It just never improved. It just kept spreading to more and more areas.  Try walking like that with painful eczema on your feet. It’s not easy.

So I had that. And then I also had headaches like migraine headaches every other week, just constantly debilitating migraine headaches. It was affecting all areas of my life, my ability to work and provide for my family, my ability to care for my child. I had to do something. I was in a place where it’s like, OK, that’s it. I’ve got to change something. At that time, I actually ran across something that would open the door to a handling for me.

I’m a translator and I had to translate a website for a client about a person in Switzerland that had contracted a very rare type of blood cancer and was given six months to live.  Anyhow, to make his long story very short, he used nutrition to actually fully handle his situation. So I was very inspired by him and his whole story. And I was like, wow, this man can do it. I should be able to do something about myself.

And so I went ahead and took apart my nutrition and my diet, rather, and see. Okay, what do I have to change here? So the first thing I did for me is I took out all dairy products because I observed that whenever I had milk in my cereal in the morning or something, my abdomen would feel worse, my bowel syndrome was worse. So I kicked out all dairy completely and I felt definitely an improvement.

But why wasn’t there a hundred percent improvement?  It was because I was still eating a lot of sugar stuff, although without dairy, but still. And I had started looking into this area of sugar and found it is the root cause of a whole host of ills and problems and physical situations, it’s linked to even some type of cancers. It’s linked to some to heart disease, certainly diabetes, let alone weight gain and a lack of energy problems, lethargy, etc.

So I was like, okay, well, I’m tired all the time and this and that. I actually examine all. And the symptoms of, you know, having too much sugar in my diet, so I actually worked out a way for myself that worked for me, a step by step approach to completely eliminate all sugars, processed sugars that is from my diet and not eat in the pastries anymore and the protein bars or what have you. Anyhow, to make my long story short, with all these changes I did, I actually got rid of all of these physical ills that I had the eczema on my foot, the bowel syndrome.

I actually completely got rid of it. I do not have pain every day anymore. Same with those headaches – they’re gone. I don’t have those anymore. Priorly, every two weeks, I suffered from massive, debilitating migraines, which can really cut across your schedule and your work and everything else. So it really has worked for me. And throughout this whole thing, my husband and I also researched in addition to, okay, well, what do you need to take out of your diet?

We got onto looking into super foods and what actually helps to clean out your body and improve your nutrition and give you more energy and so forth. And we have found a whole lot of information and tests about so many things that we find work for us. So I would like to help anyone I possibly can, perhaps people in similar situations or people that just need to lose their energy with this information that I have now gained by researching and actually testing it out and getting results.

So I would like to share this information with you so you two can get results and feel better. And we can have a healthier society here in America and hopefully all over the world. So. If this is something you’re interested in, feel free to make use of this information.